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The Advantages Our School Offers (BS) - Continuity in language learning from preschool age to full fluency; - Proven programs, suited to the age groups, levels of knowledge, and learning styles of our students; - Flexibility in organisation : We offer a large number of locales for our instruction, especially for primary school groups and for employees of companies educating their own personnel.; -Accommodating class schedules; - Small groups; - Skilled instructors (local and foreign) who care about your success; - Constant self-improvement;


Our Classrooms

Classrooms within our school are equiped with smartboards, constant access to the internet, along with video projectors, video, audio equipment, and a rich library of literature designed for foreign language learners.


Business English

At “Follow Me” Altera Lingua Centre for Foreign Languages, special attention is given to businesses organising foreign language instruction for their employees. More and more companies, aware of the significance of educating their staff, are seeking our school’s services. Our school offers a flexible variety of offers according to our clients’ needs, which means our enrolees can specify the contents, the tempo, the place and the times of instruction. Conscious of how specific and how complex the needs of the business world can be, we are continually expanding upon our offers, so that we currently have a wide range of services to propose, including one-on-one classes, general language courses for standard, organised groups, and classes especially designed to meet the needs of businesspeople.


O nama

Centre for Foreign Languages Follow Me – Altera Lingua was founded in 1997 and since then has gained a wealth of experience in foreign language instruction.  Confirmation of our quality, our experience and our contemporary approaches to teaching is offered by our great popularity among learners of all levels.  Centre Altera Lingua employs expert, dynamic and motivated instructors who are continually perfecting their skills by attending professional seminars organized at local and international levels.

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Our school is divided into four sectors:
1. a sector for kids (preschool to sixth grade);
2. a sector for preteens and teens (seventh grade to high school age);
3.a sector for  young adults (senior high school age and university students)
4. a sector for adults and for the business world;

Instructions take place at our school premises, local school classrooms and a large number of companies.

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